Thursday, 16 February 2012

ROM CyanogenMod 7 MusicEdition_v1.1 Galaxy fit s 5670

What does this include??

1. Lots of hard work.
2. Lots of tweaks
3. Many music enhancements
4. Many custom apps
5. Looks somewhat like a mix of ICS nd Sony Ericsson
6. Includes widgets from ICS and Sony Ericsson
7. Includes some performance tweaks
8. Includes some battery saving tweaks
9. New ringtones,notification sounds,ui sounds
10. Bravia engine enhancement(Stripped from a sony ericsson rom)
11. Bass enhancement
12. Improved Graphics
13. App to sd pre-enabled (Thanx to parasmi for his great tutorial)
13. 3d sound enhancement( U can feel it if u hear through earphones)
14. A new customized lock screen that looks like the ICS one.
15. ICS transition animations (Thanks to yagya )
16. Included GAPPS.
17. Included swype.

1. Used the cm 7.1.0 update 01102011 as base rom(So that should fix the gps and wifi 



3.Removed the cyanbread and androidian theme

4.Included swype

5.Gallery 3d replaced with quickpic

6.Gapps included

7.Both the launchers removed. Used zeam launcher instead

8.Removed some useless apps

9.Removed some widgets. Added some new.

10.Themed lockscreen to make it look more like ics

11.ICS fonts used

12.Many tweaks removed. Some new added.

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