Friday, 17 February 2012

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean tipped for Q2,2012 Release with Dual-boot Devices on 2013

Android Jelly Bean

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean
 may arrive as early as Q2 2012, supply chain sources claim, with Google apparently integrating Chrome OS functionality for dual-boot tablets and netbooks. Those are not the search giant only dual-OS ambitions. However, insiders tells that Google is pushing Android 5.0 and Windows 8 hybrids to its manufacturing partners, for notebooks, netbooks and tablets that offer the best of both platforms. but we will not see any Android 5.0 JB devices till 2013.

Although Google is yet to comment significantly on whether Ice Cream Sandwich has met its expectations in the market, it is clear that Android 4.0 is yet to gain a significant foothold. According to Google's own stats, as of February 1 2012 only 1-percent of devices were running ICS, with the majority still on Android 2.3.x Gingerbread.
Jelly Bean

The dual-booting Android 5.0 Jelly Bean and Windows 8 machines will be able to hot-swap between the two platforms, the sources indicate, rather than demanding a reboot each time. That would give users the opportunity to use Android for its web-centric functionality and speed, while switching to Windows would offer the various legacy and business apps many users still demand.

Also, It is worth remembering that Microsoft Windows 8 hardware requirements apparently block second OS installation on ARM-based PCs by users, thanks to a locked Secure Boot system, though it is unclear whether OEMs are permitted to do so before the hardware leaves the factory.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

ROM Fuzonoid v3 !!! Samsung galaxy fit s 5670

V-3 Changes :

- ICS Boot Animation
- Removed Touchwiz And QQlauncher
- Dalvik Cache Set To 48m
- 25 Cyanogen Wallpapers
- 35 Sony Ericsson Wallpapers
- Market Latest Version 3.3.15
- Removed BRAVIA (Due to WIFI problem)
- MiniModX Frameworks
- Stagefright DISABLED
- Two New Launchers - Nemus And ADW
- CRT Screen Lock Animation
- Faster Downloads App (New Download Manager)
- PlayStation Certified Frameworks
- Lge Real 3D Framework
- Fm Receiver Frameworks And Apps
- Cyanogen Library Files Added
- New Drop Down Notifications (Thanks To Parasmi)
- Flash Lite Plugin (For Improved Flash Performance)
- Lot New Frameworks From Sony Ericsson And Htc
- 720p Enc And Dec Firmware Files (Now you could view HD Videos in Browser But with Bit Struggle due to Low Resolution)
- Bit Improved Touch Screen Sensitivity

- REMOVED STOCK APPS (Samsung Keyboard , Calculator , Camera , Browser , Calender , Gallery , E-mail , Voice Recorder)

- FUZONOID APPS ADDED ( 1-Tap Cleaner Pro , Alarm Clock , Mp3 Voice Recorder Pro , Touch Pal Swype Input , Sony's Squashi Input , Scientific Calculator , Boat Browser , Quick Pic , Calender Pad , Scientific Calculator ,
Andro Mail , Sleek Camera (For Image Capturing) , LG Camera Pro (For VGA Video Recording) , No Frills , App Backup And Restore , SMS Backup And Restore )

You Need Android 2.3.4 with CWM Recovery For Installation
- Download the .zip File from the link below
- Place It In SD Card
- Wipe Dalvik Cache And Battaery Stats Using CWM Recovery (It is in Advanced)
- Format Cache,Data,System (It is in mounts and storage)
- Install The Zip File
- Wipe Data/Cache
- Reboot

Download link :

ROM CyanogenMod 7 MusicEdition_v1.1 Galaxy fit s 5670

What does this include??

1. Lots of hard work.
2. Lots of tweaks
3. Many music enhancements
4. Many custom apps
5. Looks somewhat like a mix of ICS nd Sony Ericsson
6. Includes widgets from ICS and Sony Ericsson
7. Includes some performance tweaks
8. Includes some battery saving tweaks
9. New ringtones,notification sounds,ui sounds
10. Bravia engine enhancement(Stripped from a sony ericsson rom)
11. Bass enhancement
12. Improved Graphics
13. App to sd pre-enabled (Thanx to parasmi for his great tutorial)
13. 3d sound enhancement( U can feel it if u hear through earphones)
14. A new customized lock screen that looks like the ICS one.
15. ICS transition animations (Thanks to yagya )
16. Included GAPPS.
17. Included swype.

1. Used the cm 7.1.0 update 01102011 as base rom(So that should fix the gps and wifi 



3.Removed the cyanbread and androidian theme

4.Included swype

5.Gallery 3d replaced with quickpic

6.Gapps included

7.Both the launchers removed. Used zeam launcher instead

8.Removed some useless apps

9.Removed some widgets. Added some new.

10.Themed lockscreen to make it look more like ics

11.ICS fonts used

12.Many tweaks removed. Some new added.